Thursday, July 21, 2011

I Survived Linky Party

I know I said I was on hiatus...but I couldn't resist posting in response to Life In Special Ed's Linky Party. Sometimes I feel like I teach in a circus...being in the neighborhood we are in, we often get some students who...hmmm...trying to put this nicely...haven't learned certain social skills, maybe?  Anyway, this story kept me laughing for weeks.

I teach third grade, and one afternoon while the kids were packing up, I was talking to a small group of students when a kid called out, "Mrs. T, why is THIS in my chair pocket?" With one finger delicately held up, he showed the whole class he was holding a TRAINING BRA!! The kids erupted into giggles, and the boys "BLECH"ed, and I couldn't help but just laugh. There was a parent in the room, and when we made eye contact, she looked at me bewildered because she had been standing behind this boy's desk and hadn't seen the training bra make its way into his chair pocket. I went and got it from him, and then half-jokingly told him that I would "cleanse" his chair pocket.

Part 2 came about a week later. Again, we were packing up and I heard one of my students say, "Here's ANOTHER ONE! In JACOB's CHAIR POCKET!" One of my shyest students had this look of complete disgust and confusion on his face as another training bra was pulled out of his chair pocket.

I never solved the mystery of the training bra...I think the first one may have been an accident, because some of the kids bring changes of clothes to school because they are going to grandma's after school etc. I'm guessing it just fell out of a backpack in the end of the day shuffle. The second one?? Well, maybe one of my students has a funny sense of humor :)

And there it is :) I survived the training bra incident (and didn't get any phone calls from parents, CHA CHING!)


  1. Thanks for joining my linky party! That is too funny!!

  2. What a day!!! You really never know what to expect do you?