Saturday, August 31, 2013

Seitz 2013-2014

A new year has arrived and we are off with a bang!

 The kids were super good sports as we did a Mrs. Thomason tradition--spelling our school's name. I always hope it will be a great teambuilding activity, but I always forget how hard it is for the kids to visualize it, and by the time each group is ready, we just all wanna get it over with! But it turned out cute, as usual, and we had to work quickly because the concrete is HOT! Already we have stayed in twice this week because of heat advisories, which is nuts, because we have had a weirdly wonderful not-that-humid summer, and now that school has started, it's SO HOT! Our a/c in our building didn't work one morning, and it was so miserable! It was a bonding experience for everyone, for sure!

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