Friday, March 25, 2011

Lucky the Leprechaun

This is an idea I saw on Proteacher that I wanted to try. The kids have been working so hard, and I knew I wanted to have a little fun on St. Patrick's Day. We have been working on parentheses, multiplication, and fractions, and so each student's paper had a math equation on it that corresponded with a numbered shamrock. I taped the shamrocks around the room, and the kids had fun trying to figure out what they were for. When the time came, they solved their number sentences and found their shamrocks. They got so excited when they read the message (LOOK IN MRS. *********'S ROOM!), and they rushed to jump in line to head over there. They searched around the room and found a "pot of gold" filled with green mint oreos. It was really fun to see their enthusiasm!

Here is the document I typed up to give to the kids. I hand wrote their equations and passed them out according to level (more different problems for the higher kids, easier ones for the low).

The one change I did make from the letter was not using the smartboard. I was sick the day before and didn't get to make the flipchart. I think it worked out better spreading the kids around the room to find their shamrocks anyway :)

Lucky the Leprechaun Letter

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