Wednesday, March 30, 2011

State Test Notes

I plan on giving one of these out each day. We start testing right off the bat in the morning...which will be nice. The bad thing is we lose our precious plan time :(

The kids have been working so hard. 9 days until the Reading Assessment!

This one will have a dum-dum sucker attached. (If it's coming out really tiny, I don't know why! But it looks fine on Scribd!)

Dum Dum Beat the State 1 Page

This one will come with a coffee filter full of chocolate graham crackers! It's cheesy, and I don't know if all the kids will get the pun, but I don't think they will care if there is food involved :)

Cracker State Test Note

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  1. Time out! I just read that you are from Topeka as well. :) Me too! Awesome! So glad to have come across your blog.