Sunday, April 3, 2011

Keepin' It Real

I promise that I will always be the teacher who is real about successes and failures. I posted my Spring Poster project and Friday was the day I tested it out.

It took a few minutes to get started. One of my emotionally-volatile students (I have MANY this year) was mad at me because he had to change his card after coming in late from recess. I had another student roll her eyes at me and get an attitude, and I had just informed her she would be calling home (yes, GIANT attitude in third grade!) I had a third student crying because I had chastised her for talking while I was giving directions. Yes, I have quite the crew of characters this year! (Sometimes, I wonder, is it just me? Am I really a mean person?)

Anyway, I got through directions and the kids got started. There was the initial wave of "Wait, what do we do?" and a few arguments over the assigned roles. After that, the students ended up doing a good job. They had about 20 minutes to work, and while that was just enough time for them to maybe get a flower pasted, I was proud of their work. I wish I had taken pictures of the process, but I hesitate bringing my camera to work, and the cameras the school has are pretty outdated.

And then, my student who had gotten to work after being mad at me became mad at me again, but my cryer stopped crying, and my attitude-giver gave me a hug before she left for the end of the day. Never a dull moment! Here we go Monday!

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