Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lead 21

Does anyone else out there work in a district that uses Lead 21? Our district has just adopted it for language arts and I know nothing about it. This year, we went to a guided reading model, and next year we will add in Lead 21. There are always big changes every year it seems!


  1. We are going to use it this fall. Ugh...I'm not impressed so far, but time will tell.

  2. We use it...It's a great concept (sort of a "guided reading in a box" deal), but it's not my preference. A plus is that all of the components that are needed for guided reading are all together (no more scavenger hunts in the library or book room if you don't want to!)

  3. We started to use it last year. The teachers at my school don't seem to like it, but I feel it prepares the students for their OAA test. I am currently looking for other resources to use with LEAD21... Know any good sites? Worksheets? etc?