Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Inferencing with Youtube.

Today, I talked with the kids about inferencing. We had done some inference investigating last week, and they had forgotten it already :)

So, we talked about how we combine what we see/read/hear with what we already know, and put them together to make an inference.

I showed the kids this Youtube video, and had them infer on a sticky note what they thought the babies were saying.

Here are some of their comments (unedited):
Baby A: Change my diper!
Baby B: No, you change my diper

Baby A: You want to fight?
Baby B: I'm telling mom!

Baby A: You stink!
Baby B: I do not!!

Baby A is getting B in trouble because B lost a sock
Baby B is arguing with A because A got him in trouble 'cause he lost a sock.

Baby A: Be quiet
Baby B: Why don't you be quiet?

Baby A is always saying you want to play
Baby B says no way, Josay (jose)

They thought the video was hilarious!

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