Thursday, August 11, 2011

Classroom Pictures

Here are some pictures from my classroom. It's not complete by any means, but I'm glad I got done what I did because school starts Tuesday and its already almost Friday! We don't get our class lists until the Thursday before, and so the labeling begins ;)

This is part of my desk area. The computer HAS to be close to the wall because none of the cords go that far from the wall...or else I would put it over on my desk...but I don't like my desk there and I wanted to try something different. The Elmo also has to sit closer to the wall as well. I love having it on the cart, it's the right height!

  My desk area. After the zoo that was last year, I took the advice of some fellow teachers and put my desk by the window :)

My bulletin board space. This is basically it for space. I'll put up my Everyday Counts calendar, and probably the Lead 21 theme wall. I went with a patterned background this time and I know some people think it's too busy, but I kinda like it :)

My guided reading area and happy purple chairs :)

My schedule board. I got these cute schedule cards from somebody who shared them on a blog...and I can't remember who! If they are yours, I will add your name here if you let me know! Thanks! Oh, and don't get me started on schedule drama. We're being told that we don't have time to have an afternoon recess (the only recess we give outside of lunch and recess). Apparently, the compromise is having recess at 2:45 (we get out at 3:30). So anyway, it looks like we will have 3 reading groups, followed by our core math at 1:45, followed by centers, with no break in between any of that. ICKO!

Oh, and my job board is right next to the schedule board, as well as my Whole Brain Teaching rules. 

Our cubbies.

Thank goodness! I have desks! So happy :) I have two groups of 10, and one group of 5. So far, I have 23 students, but that number usually hits 25 by the day before school :)

Part of my classroom library, as well as my birthday chart, hat, and shirt.

Another view of my board, and this is my second year with a Smartboard.

A garland I made with some scrap paper and my circle cutter. It's pretty cute :)

So there it is...nothing fancy!

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