Monday, August 1, 2011

Number Labels

I wanted to make some small number labels to be velcroed onto the student's desks this year. We group according to Kagan, and so each kid will have a number 1-5, depending on where they are sitting. Normally, Kagan groups have 4 students, but our rooms are small and odd-shaped and so five groups of 5 generally works better.

I also think that I will assign a group job according to their numbers...I will have five different jobs listed on a pocket chart, and I will rotate the numbers each day. So one day, student #1 may collect and pass out papers, and the next day, student #2 at each group will do it. I used to have about 15 or so class jobs, but this year I am going to have one "student teacher" a day and have groups jobs to take care of the other things. I'm hoping this will be easier for me to manage, and that way I can narrow jobs down to the most essential and most used.

You are welcome to download them if you think they will be helpful!

Number Labels

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