Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Around the US

I love seeing where all of my visitors come from! It's a diversity I don't quite see on my personal blog. It's fun because I've lived in several states and I always get excited when I see a visitor from a place I've lived.

Just to know me a bit better, here is where I've lived:

--Salisbury, Maryland
--Delmar, Delaware
--Provo, UT
--Boise, ID
--Rexburg, ID
--Sacramento, CA (worked in Davis)
--Tulsa, OK
--Columbus, OH
--and now Topeka, KS!

I'm grateful to have experience so many places...If I could choose one, it would probably be Boise :) It was the perfect blend of family friendly, big city but not too big, great food, TONS to do outdoors, beautiful scenery, lower cost of living. We would love to go back someday if we can (well, I would, my husband would be happy in Timbuktu! or China! or Brazil! etc etc etc)

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