Saturday, May 21, 2011

Author's Purpose

Here are some more pictures from our study of author's purpose. For this lesson, we focused on the "P"--the persuade part. We talked about different ways that one could be persuaded, like through newspaper ads, commercials, movie trailers, and blurbs on the backs of books. Then, we talked about how it might be more difficult to think of reasons NOT to buy or do something.

We then segued into an activity I got from an inservice. We created a simple open flap folder that has a yes side and a no side. The kids then listed a question at the bottom that began with "Should..." I gave them the example of "Should 3rd graders be allowed to do the tug of war contest at our school?" (They had field day the day before and it was fresh on their minds). They could either use that question, or one they came up with on their own. Some original ideas were, "Should kids go swimming?" or even "Should a Siberian tiger be a pet in a classroom?" Then on one side, they listed at least three reasons for "yes" and on the other, three reasons for "no" Anyway, they did a great job...taking the group picture was almost the hardest part :)

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