Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Starting Up Again

So....I signed on to teach summer school. I went back and forth for a while, and then I figured since I wasn't doing anything else, and we aren't leaving for Brazil until July, that I could make a few extra bucks. Plus, the ladies at the interview sold me on it, so here I am! I am doing a Migrant/ELL summer school, and I only have 10 students! Needless to say, I am excited, and don't know what I will do with less than 25 students!

Any tips for a great summer school experience?

Tomorrow will be our getting the feet day, with getting to know you's, and routines, and all that. I really hope that I can get them excited enough to get through these next four weeks! I am teaching 4th grade, which will be fun and new for me (I'm going to have to relearn how to do long division, eeeek!)

Keep on posting those fabulous ideas, I know that I will be needing them!


  1. Good luck with summer school! We don't have that here and I wondered how it worked. Do the children go through choice or is it a catch up time? Sorry I have always wondered!

  2. I'm at a migrant/ELL summer school and it's by choice (unless their mommas made them go!). It's only the second year they have had funding to do it. The kids took a pre-test today and are pretty behind, plus I have a student who knows almost NO english. It'll be interesting! The great thing is that I'll only have 5-10 students. It runs four weeks, Monday-Thursday.

  3. Thanks for the reply and good luck with it!

  4. How fun! I'm in the opposite boat...I will have 28 students in summer school and I'm used to teaching at the most 16, with an aide! Ahh!!

    Miss Kindergarten