Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cool Compliments

As an end of the year activity, I wanted to take an idea I saw on another blog, and combine it with something our teachers had to do at an inservice two years ago. I gave each kid a paper plate, and they had to place it on their backs using masking tape. Then they walked around, giving each other compliments, and having other kids sign their plates. It was ADORABLE! On their own, they ended up creating "trains" and they tried really hard to have everyone sign their plate. They kept asking me if I had one...I guess I should have but I was busy supervising and I tried to sign all of their plates. Super cute activity and they worked hard for 20 minutes!


  1. I saw this too did it with my students. They absolutely loved it! Normally on the last day of school I have students leave things all over my room, but no one left their compliments!

  2. I think this is a stunning idea...I like the way the plates were stuck onto their backs. I have done something similar before with high school students where they each had to write something they liked about that person. It is important for kids to have something tangible to refer back to on bad days.

    I am now a keen subscriber and look forward to following you.


  3. Thanks Denise! They hung onto those compliments...some even stuck them to the backs of their chairs for the rest of the year!